Pinpoint Weather Alert Day on Saturday: Cold temperatures, light snow and slick roads expected

Warm temperatures, strong winds fuel fire danger across state

DENVER -- With potentially record high temperatures on the way and windy conditions across the state, the fire danger will be a major concern the next few days across Colorado and could last well into the summer.

The dry winter has firefighters across the Front Range on high alert.

Wildfire experts say Colorado could be on track for one of the busiest seasons on record.

State officials are specifically pointing to this week and the next few days as some of the most dangerous of the year.

While it's still early in the year, expert say this year is starting the same as some of the worst wildfire seasons in state history.

Expert said it's similar to the snowpack levels in 2013, when the Black Forest Fire burned more than 14,000 acres and destroyed about 500 homes.

The dry winter isn't always a sign that the summer fire season will be busy. Experts also look ahead to climate predictions while heading into the warmer months.

Peak fire season does not start until June, so expert said there's plenty of time to get soaking rains and improve the outlook.

Several red flag warnings are up across the state the next couple days, meaning no open burning.