Workouts at Littleton gym raise money to ‘Support the Shield’

LITTLETON, Colo. -- 'Back the Blue' workouts took place at a gym in Littleton Saturday.

People went to workout at Live For This: Fitness and at the same time raised money to Support the Shield and buy safety gear for police officers.

“Those that serve us, we do our best to serve them,” says Gym Owner Zach Gonzales.

Gonzales says he came up with the fundraising idea while in the shower. Dozens needed a shower after the intense workout, which featured officers, firefighters, and community members.

“When the vision is big enough and it’s bigger than ourselves, it’s easy to find the right people to help bridge those gaps.”

Chris Brown with Shield 616 says it’s a common misconception that officers already have the gear they need to stay safe.

“Law enforcement officers are not properly prepared to encounter rifle threats,” he says. “They’re issued Kevlar vests that only protect them against handgun rounds.”

He says each protective kit costs around $1,400. They’re hoping to raise enough money to outfit 80 Littleton Police Officers with the gear.

“It’s an absolute blessing and an honor to watch the community and law enforcement come together this way.”

Shield 616 works to equip every officer with necessary advanced active shooter and crowd control gear. Additionally, Shield 616 provides a support group for officers and their families to turn to any time it's needed.

Live For This: Fitness is at 8081 South Broadway in Littleton.

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