Skiers treated to heavy spring snow

GEORGETOWN, Colo. -- For awhile Saturday afternoon, the snow seemed like it just wouldn’t stop falling.

Nearly 11 inches fell overnight at the Loveland Ski Resort overnight.

One man named “Moose” said it was the kind power he had been waiting for.

Another skier, George Marlin said, This seems to be the new pattern. "I don’t know if its climate change or what but we’ve some slow Januarys, Februarys and we get a bunch of snow in March, April and May," he said.

Mother Nature kept just about everybody guessing this day. In Georgetown, it was rain that made the roads a little dicey.

Drivers weren’t sure what to expect next. One driver told us, he’s seen white out conditions further West.

It was so bad in some places, CDOT signs warned drivers of dangerous driving conditions.

Meanwhile, skiers at Loveland are hoping for another snow packed day on Sunday.