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Puppy stolen from Centennial pet store, owner offering reward for dog

CENTENNIAL-- A pet store in Centennial is offering a $500 cash reward for one of their puppies that was stolen from the store on Wednesday. Perfect Pets employees believe the woman who stole the dog is seen on their security footage stuffing the dog into her purse.

Perfect Pets is no stranger to theft, this has been the seventh time a dog has been taken from the store.

"You don’t think that something that would be so much fun and enjoyable for both the dogs and the people would turn into something so awful," said Rose Larsen, store manager.

Larsen said employees noticed the 12-week old Yorkie was missing at closing time on Wednesday. Since then, they've combed through hours of security video and they believe the woman is seen putting the dog in her purse on camera.

"Absolute panic, stress, shock. I mean, it was really upsetting," said Larsen.

Larsen said the store must now monitor people more closely.

"So sad that we have to reprimand someone for taking the lids off too soon because we have to be worried that someones going to steal a dog, it's so sad," said Larsen.

Arapahoe County Sheriffs Department is investigating this theft. The Yorkie does have a microchip that will come up if the dog is brought to the vet or a shelter.