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Coloradans celebrate MLK on 50th anniversary of civil rights leader’s death

DENVER -- Even from hundreds of miles away, people from Colorado honored the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. on Wednesday.

Some traveled to Memphis, Tennessee, to pay their respects, while others celebrated his life in Colorado.

Wednesday marked the 50th anniversary of King's assassination.

At City Park, a dad and his three young children were at the King statue. Even at 10 months, 3, and 10 years old, dad says it's important for them to see history.

“We’re here to show respect to Dr. King’s legacy,” Garrison Jester said.

Vern Howard was hundreds of miles away in Memphis. Howard met King at a church in Denver when he was 6.

“You have to be here to recognize the gravity of such dedication,” Howard said.

Colorado recognizes King's legacy and dedication in part because of former Denver first lady Wilma Webb.

"I also carried bills to make it a law to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.," Webb said.

Webb is one of the reasons why MLK Day is a holiday in Colorado. Her efforts are engraved in history.

“This is a good statue,” Jester said. “If you don’t teach your children about history, than history is lost, and when lose history, than history repeats itself.”