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Northern Colorado to be most impacted by the weather this Easter

There's a storm system spreading rain and snow across Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska and the Dakotas tonight. We've already seen the clouds from that system spread over Northern Colorado. A few areas of snow have formed with that cloud cover streaming over the higher mountain ranges.

For the night, most of the clouds will remain over the northern mountains and occasionally over the metro areas and northeastern plains. There will be periods of wind overnight too.

That wind will shift directions a bit Saturday to keep the city's high temperatures in the 50s, rather than 60s as was the case Friday. The far northeastern corner of the state, by Sterling, will stay in the 40s because of the cool wind and this is the most likely area for snow and rain, too.

Speaking of which, those along I-70 and north have the higher chance of rain and snow later Saturday through Sunday morning. That chance of rain and snow increases to the north for those near Fort Collins and Cheyenne, Wyoming. So, any travel plans for I-25 into Wyoming or I-76 into Nebraska may have a slick section of road to deal with late Saturday or early Sunday.

Overall, the total snow and rain coming through this weekend will be low. Snowfall may amount to 0 to 3 inches for the areas described. This will have fallen by mid-Sunday morning, after which the system clears the state and temperatures for the afternoon will warm-up more so than Saturday.

For Easter sunrise services, there may be snow falling for a few locations but, again, more likely for those that are farthest north in the state. Temperatures will be quite chilly, in the 20s so plan for a chill.

From Sunday afternoon's 50s and 60s, the city jumps back to the 70s for Monday. Quite a change just after the weekend.

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