Longmont residents continue to wonder, worry as mom’s disappearance remains unsolved

LONGMONT, Colo. -- The streets of downtown Longmont are filled with photos of Rita Gutierrez-Garcia and as her family and police continue to search for her, residents continue to wonder what happened.

The mom of three was out with friends celebrating St.Patrick's Day. She was last seen in the alley behind 3's Bar in downtown Longmont around 2:30 am. Sunday, March 18.

Since then, her family has hung hundreds of flyers around Longmont while police investigate every lead.

Longmont residents said they've been following the news and are waiting on an update.

"Everybody continues to look and if she’s out there, she knows everyone is still looking for her," said Kellie Kaufman.

Kaufman said Rita worked at her restaurant and describes her as a nice woman devoted to her kids.

"Its heart breaking. It’s almost two weeks. I feel really bad for her family and I know they need answers," said Kaufman.

Rita's mom said the family continues to pray for her safe return and they're taking each day "as it comes."

Longmont continue to ask that anyone with information or who saw Rita that night, to contact police.