Endangered Sumatran orangutan born at Denver Zoo

DENVER — A female endangered Syumatran orangutan was born at the Denver Zoo on Sunday, officials said Friday.

The female named Cerah, which means “bright” in Indonesian and often is referred to sunshine, was born to mom Nias and dad Berani.

Zoo officials said the mom and baby orangutans are in good health.

They are out of public view so they can rest and bond, and to ensure zoo staff members can ensure Cerah is receiving proper care and nourishment.

Nias is 29 and has been at the Denver Zoo since 2005. Berani is 25 and arrived in Denver last year.

With a worldwide population of only about 14,600 Sumatran orangutans have been classified as critically endangered on the International Union for Conservation of Nature Red list of Threatened Species.

Zoo officials expect the baby orangutan to make her public debut within the next two weeks at the zoo.