Douglas County purchasing more safety equipment for sheriff’s deputies

CASTLE ROCK, Colo. -- Douglas County is preparing to spend more money to keep its deputies safe.

Nearly $500,000 will be spent to purchase stronger body armor and more rifles. The move comes after the shooting on New Year's Eve when a deputy was killed and others were wounded.

The gunman in the shooting that killed deputy Zackari Parrish was armed with two assault rifles, a handgun and a shotgun. Three other deputies and a Castle Rock Police Department officer were wounded.

The deputies and officer were ambushed and their lack of firepower put them in a position to retreat.

The $446,522 will allow the sheriff's office to purchase new and stronger body armor and stronger ballistic shields for protection.

Every patrol vehicle will be outfitted with semiautomatic rifles and trauma kits. Deputies will also get silencers for their rifles.

County commissioners have been attending roll calls to tell the deputies about the plans to purchase the equipment. A vote to spend the money will be held April 10.