Vail police find injured woman inside dumpster with zip ties around wrists

VAIL, Colo. -- Police say they found a 31-year-old woman injured inside a small, neighborhood dumpster in Vail.

The Vail Daily reports police found the woman early Tuesday cold and with various injuries and zip ties around her wrists.

"We got out there, she was conscious and breathing, had a little difficult time talking because she was really cold," Vail police Sgt. Luke Causey said.

According to the National Weather Service, the overnight temperatures were in the teens and 20s.

"She had some zip ties that were around her hands and feet. She managed to free herself from a few of those. She did still have some around her wrists and ankles and some light marks around her wrists," Causey said.

Investigators said she didn't provide them much information about what happened to her.

They said they had one investigative lead but were not prepared to say that they had any suspects in the case.

Eagle County paramedics took the woman to Vail Health Hospital. Her name has not been released.

Police said before she was found in the dumpster, the woman was last seen in Avon on Monday afternoon.