Mom of 2 wants people to know Child Services is there to help, not tear families apart

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CASTLE ROCK, Colo. -- An encounter with Child Protective Services in Castle Rock changed one mom's life for the better. Now she wants people to know CPS is there to help families, not tear them apart.

For years Alice Dees and her son struggled to find a stable place to live.

“Homeless most of the time I was homeless," mom of two Alice Dees said.

About three years ago, Dees and her kids had a roof over their heads, but not a permanent one. They were living at a hotel in Castle Rock.

Dees said, “We did have to fly signs to get money for gas and food and things like that.”

At about $400 a week, a hotel is an expensive place to live. One day, Dees went to human services for financial help. After Dees filled out paperwork about her situation, Child Protective Services was called.

“At first I was hesitant because where I’m from CPS really isn’t that nice, their main goal everyone thinks is to take your kid,” Dees said.

Dees had a visit with Nicole Adams at Child Protective Services. The two scheduled a follow up meeting.

Adams connected Dees to some community leaders who could help her. At the end of the day Child Services didn't tear apart Dees' family like she thought.

“This CPS here, has actually opened my eyes to a different kind of child protective services,” Dees said.

Adams said, “Our goal is for you to use those systems, and the natural things in our community rather than finding your way to child welfare and that really resonated with her.”

Thanks to those meetings, Dees was connected to some resources that could help her with permanent housing. She now lives in a stable home, with everything her kids need.

“We’re completely thriving, if you look around our home, it may be small, but we have anything and everything we need,” Dees said. "The message I want to send to others is not to be scared, not be scared to go to protective services, if you need help, don’t go out and do anything illegal. Just pick up a phone and ask of help.”

Child Services says it always wants families to get to a point where they're not needed. Alice Dees is now at that point. Workers with Child Services in Castle Rock give Dees all the credit and say she's done so well because she was honest, open and humble from the beginning.

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