Marketplace in Aurora allows ‘shopping under the influence’ of alcohol

DENVER -- Going to do a little shopping today. Got my comfy shoes, wallet, and oh yeah, can’t forget my vodka soda. Shopping under the influence: Have I died and gone to heaven?

Nope. I’m actually at Stanley Marketplace in Aurora where, what is legally called, common consumption exists. It means this shopping center in Aurora is zoned for drinking and shopping within the confines of Stanley marketplace.

The creator of Stanley Marketplace, Mark Shaker, said he wanted his marketplace to be different. He has only local Colorado companies here and ... consumption.

Here’s how it works. Buy a brew or a cocktail from one of the local restaurants inside Stanley market, then they put it in a specially marked plastic cup. Then, off you go shopping.

So far, says Shaker, it has worked out really well. Nobody has become totally inebriated and out of control. Credit cards and cocktails can make an interesting combination.

This really lends a different meaning to the phrase, shop 'til you drop.