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Highlands Ranch woman arrested after alleged racial incident aimed at neighbor

HIGHLANDS RANCH, Colo. -- For several years, Terrence Bonney had been living in Highlands Ranch.

A happy place. No problems.

Then he moved into a different neighborhood and bought a home a year ago.

That’s when the problems started.

Bonney says his female next door neighbor has stepped into his yard uninvited, and even tried to get into his house.

She then posted sheets of paper on a window.

They are filled with the 'N' word and other racial epithets.

He and his family can clearly see them from their home.

He recorded video in which you can hear a woman screaming racial slurs and curse words from her front door - in the middle of the night.

Bonney posted the video on Facebook.

It was shot from his second floor window at 5:30 Wednesday Morning.

“At this point it's almost normal. It’s not normal for people to behave this way. But its a normal occurrence here, because we’ve been dealing with it so long,” Bonney said.

On Thursday,  Bonney called the Douglas County sheriff’s office and showed them his evidence.

A few hours later, Douglas County sheriff’s deputies were at the woman’s door.

She was then arrested.

Bonney was relieved. "I come home and no matter what I’m dealing with at work or home or school or whatever - you figure you come home and everything is safe and you're  good -- and you have to listen that?”

Hundreds of people offered messages of support for Bonney on the Word of Mouth Facebook Page.

Most said the woman’s actions were entirely unacceptable … others were livid.

Bonney said, “I just try to live my life the best that I can and hope the people surrounding me do the same.”

Bonney is ready for peace and quiet once again.

Douglas County investigators say they are investigating the woman for several mental issues and criminal charges.

Her name has not been released.