Winter was among Colorado’s driest on record and spring might be no different

DENVER — This past winter was the 14th driest on record for Colorado.

It was the driest winter since 2002-03. The driest winter on record was in 1981-82.

The driest locations were found in the mountains and Western Slope.

Colorado was not unique to a dry winter and did better than all of California and Oregon.

For Denver, the numbers aren’t quite so grim. It was the city’s 40th driest on record, meaning the city was close to average.

With the start of spring, there hasn’t been a dramatic change to the weather pattern, particularly to the west. However, Colorado remains one of the drier locations nationally.

The good news is that when there’s moisture hitting the West Coast, the odds improve for Colorado to catch some too.

The wet storm system Sunday night benefited the Palmer Divide and western metro areas, and another system is on the way.

This wetter trend isn’t likely to continue for all of spring. The outlook is for a drier-than-average season.

Another storm is on the way for early next week.