Local company releases new smart sprinkler on first day of Spring

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Photo provided by Rachio

Any homeowner in Colorado knows that the majority of your summer water usage goes into your lawn and garden.  Denver-based Rachio is trying to ease that burden.  The company just announced their newest 3rd generation smart sprinkler.  The new Rachio 3 smart sprinkler controller has improved cloud-based weather intelligence.  It can predict the weather and adjust your watering schedule accordingly.  When I tested out the previous model I was impressed.  It worked well and was clearly smarter than me.

The new model also works with a brand new water flow meter that can, for the first time, measure your water usage.  The Rachio is designed to save you water and the flow meter will be able to put actual numbers behind that promise.  On top if that, the flow meter can detect a leak in your system.

The new Rachio Gen 3 is available for pre-order right now though Rachio’s website.  The new model with 8-zones and a flow meter is priced at $229 (new lower retail price as of 4/24/2018.)

We’re hoping to test and review the new Rachio smart sprinkler once the weather warms up here in Colorado.  Stay tuned!

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