Pinpoint Weather Alert Day: Mild temperatures before snow, blizzard conditions Monday night

Recent snow not enough to boost Denver from second-least snowy season on record

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DENVER -- Despite Sunday's storm system and heavy snowfall for some, Stapleton remains in its second-least snowy season on record.

Stapleton has one of the longest periods of data on record as compared to Denver International Airport, which only has about 10 years of useful snowfall data.

Stapleton has had 19.3 inches this season compared to the average to date of 41.6 inches.

The least snowy season on record to date was in 2008-09 when only 14.2 inches of snow had fallen. Record keeping for the site started in 1948.

The greatest benefit of Sunday's system came through portions of the mountains and the foothills to the west and south of Denver. Those areas had more than 1 inch of precipitation.

The moisture was greatly needed by so many more areas than those that had come on the receiving end.

The drought monitor shows the dire need for moisture across southern Colorado.

Although there are isolated showers expected late Monday and again Friday through the weekend, the chance of heavy rain or snow remains low.