Did you own a ‘Phat’ PS3? You could be owed $65 — but you have to claim it soon

WASHINGTON — If you owned a Playstation 3 after it was unveiled nearly 12 years ago, you could be owed $65.

PCMag.com reports the original PS3 console — or the ‘Phat’ PS3 — was heavy and bulky and had the ability to install an alternative operating system.

When a smaller model was released, that operating system functionality was removed due to security concerns.

A class-action lawsuit was then filed until a settlement was reached in 2016. That settlement allows owners of the larger PS3 console to claim $65.

Those claims must be filed by April 15. Those who plan to file a claim must have purchased the console from an “authorized retailer” and include their PSN username and PS3 serial number.

The offer is limited to 20GB, 40GB, 60GB and 80GB models.