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Refugee children in Denver receive clothes, school supplies, more

DENVER -- More than 300 refugee children in the Denver area now have now clothes and accessories thanks to the Denver Health Foundation.

The children went on a shopping spree of sorts at the Denver Health Refugee Clinic in Lowry.

Their families have come to the United States from famished and war-torn countries, including Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

"They’ve come from some of the darkest places on the planet and have been through some very, very unspeakable circumstances," said Robin Engleberg, the Denver Health Foundation program manager.

She helped collect the donations for the families and organize the event.

"This is important because for many of these kids, they have never in their life, gotten to choose something new for themselves," Engleberg said. "So if they want yellow, they get to have yellow."

Besides the clothes, school supplies and toys, the clinic also provides medical care to the refugees who often suffer from malnutrition and other health problems.

Last year, the clinic screened more than 400 refugee patients.