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Wounded mule deer have arrows lodged in heads; Investigation underway

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Disturbing, anger and infuriating are words that accurately describe Jon Bailey’s feelings when he looks at the images of mule deer, three separate animals, all wounded by an archer's arrow. "This isn’t hunting. This is somebody being mean and vicious," Bailey said.

He enjoys the wildlife in the Coal Creek Canyon neighborhood in Boulder County. “We are starting to get moose up here, we had one in the backyard not too long ago."

It’s an area where man and beast coexist, for the most part.

In early February, a neighbor took photographs showing three separate deer with arrows lodged in their heads.

Bailey says he hates to see an animal suffering. Bailey is an archery hunter and has been doing it for years. He prides himself on being ethical, and humane. He is convinced this has nothing to do with hunting. Clue number one, it’s not hunting season, “They’re not trying to poach it, because if they were trying to poach it they would put a shot where it would take an animal down.“

Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials are investigating, with methods we would rather not disclose.

For John Bailey all he wants  is this: “Give me five minutes with them, really.“

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