Young girl battling cancer on quest to become famous

DENVER -- A little girl battling leukemia is on a quest to become famous.

Gabriella Kovach is well on her way after the Nuggets tweeted a picture of her at the game Friday night.

The tweet went viral, shared and liked tens of thousands of times.

“I think it’s so good," Kovach said. "I didn’t think Make-A-Wish was going to be like this.”

It started when she was granted a wish in November. Her mother said Make-A-Wish came up with the #MakeGabbyFamous idea.

Gabriella said she wants to be famous.

“Cuz I wanted to focus on the good stuff instead of the bad stuff," she said.

Jennifer Kovach said the support has been overwhelming.

“Honestly, it’s so touching," she said. "We read all the comments, take screenshots of all the comments. I read them to Gabriella, hey people in Switzerland and Australia are sending you good thoughts and prayers.”

They say it boosts Gabriella’s spirits. She has eight months left of chemotherapy treatments.

“I think they said I’m good," Gabriella said. "They had to. Look at me."

Gabriella and her parents are already looking for a way to help other children.

“We heard kids in Africa couldn’t get chemo, so we wanted to start an organization to give them money, and they can get chemo," Gabriella said.

“We came up with an org called Asha Foundation, so Asha is her middle name, means hope in Swahili, perfect for kids in Africa," Jennifer Kovach said.

It will be unveiled in May.