World War II veterans visit South High School

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DENVER -- It’s one thing to read about history, it’s quite another to hear it from the people who were there.

Three World War II veterans and one widow of a World War II Marine, all from the Claremont Park retirement community, spent the morning remembering and sharing memories with students at South High School in Denver.

Their war was only 79 years ago, but with today’s high-tech world, social media and 5-second sound bites, sitting down and listening to the words from these eyewitnesses to history was a bit challenging for more than a few of the students.

Slowly, however, the 70-year gap was bridged.

Juniors Izzy Miles and Maddie Atuire, admittedly, have limited knowledge about World War II.

When Atuire was asked who was Winston Churchill, she replied he was a leader in the United States fighting for, and then she trailed off.

When Miles was asked about Dwight Eisenhower, she said she had no idea who that was.

After a round robin of memories with the veterans, the floor was open to questions.

This is the fourth time Earl Lammers spoke with the kids. He served in the 12th Army air Corps in Italy. Why does he do it?

“Well, basically they need to know something about history. What went on during the war," Lammers said.

So, what was Miles' and Atuire's takeaway?

"Remember your freedoms, like the freedoms we have, like freedom of speech, freedom of religion and to get an education because we sometimes take that for granted," Atuire said.

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