Wanna run the original Hard Rock Cafe?

CLEAR CREEK COUNTY — The town of Empire is looking for someone to take over the historic (and original) Hard Rock Cafe. The cafe closed in October after its operator moved on.

“So we’re looking for a new leaser and operator to come in and work with the town to get it back up and running,” said Richard Sprague, Mayor of Empire.

The Hard Rock Cafe was created in 1934 as a place for miners to eat. Many years ago, Hard Rock International, which owns the popular ‘Hard Rock Cafe’ chain restaurants, considered suing the small town cafe.

“We’ve been sued - at least attempted - but when they [Hard Rock International] came up and realized we started in 1934, it’s kind of like, ‘alright we’ll see you later’.” said Sprague. “So the agreement is with Hard Rock International, is we stay local and they stay out of here and we stay out of their business”.

For decades, the original Hard Rock Cafe served countless people who would pass through Empire on their way to Winter Park and other mountain resorts.

A note is currently taped to the cafe’s front door asking folks who are interested in leasing and operating the Hard Rock Cafe to call town hall at: 303-569-2978.

The town owns the building and most of the equipment inside it.

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