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Thousands of Sandhill Cranes land in southern Colorado

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Greater Sandhill Cranes stop in southern Colorado's San Luis Valley. Photo: Colorado Parks and Wilflife

MONTE VISTA, Colo. — The Greater Sandhill Cranes have landed in the Monte Vista area of southern Colorado, just in time for the Monte Vista Crane Festival this weekend, March 9-11.

You can enjoy thousands of cranes, ducks, and geese flying against a backdrop of mountain scenery. Raptors adorn the power poles and owls sit with their young.

It’s estimated that 23,000-27,000 Sandhill Cranes migrate through the San Luis Valley biannually, with the peaks in mid-March and mid-October.

The cranes use the Monte Vista National Wildlife refuges’s marshes and grasslands to feed and rest. They’re refueling for their flight to the next feeding and resting grounds.


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