Family of hiker who was saved by McCaffrey boys thanks first responders

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CASTLE ROCK, Colo. -- The family of the hiker saved by the McCaffrey boys in Castle Rock last weekend continue to get visitors at the hospital.

On Friday, the injured hiker got a chance to thank thank the first responders who answered the 911 call.

The Smoker family already said thank you to the McCaffrey boys, and now it was time to say thank you to the other heroes that helped that day.

“I think it’s very special getting to meet both the patient, the patient’s family, and getting to see the results our teamwork and how the community came together,” Eric Morgenthaler with the Castle Rock Fire Department said.

The entire crew went to the hospital to meet patient Dan Smoker, his grandson, and the rest of the family.

“To be honest, it is rare, it is rare to actually be invited to go,” Seth Roan with the Castle Rock Fire Department said.

“I think it was a special moment,” another Firefighter said.

The first responders say meeting the people you help isn't an everyday thing, but it's rewarding when it does happen.

Dan Smoker continues to make progress. On Friday, his son told FOX31 that he got out of bed for the first time and sat in a chair for a while.

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