Denver based think tank big recipient of NRA grants

NRA's LaPierre: If this idea is crazy, "then call me crazy" (CNN)

NRA's Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre (Photo: CNN)

DENVER — One of the recipients of the largest amount of charitable donations from the National Rifle Association is based in Denver.

The conservative think tank known as the Independence Institute received $241,000 from the NRA’s foundation in 2016.

That almost single-handedly made Colorado the state that received the 4th-most funds from the NRA charity. That’s the finding of an Associated Press analysis of public tax records.

Most of the donations go to schools. But the NRA designates its donation to the Independence Institute as “research.”

The organization has been active on gun rights. Its research director, Dave Kopel, is an attorney who has submitted numerous briefs in gun cases all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court.