Man can’t locate former boss who worked at construction site destroyed by fire

DENVER -- One day after flames filled the Denver sky from a fire at a construction site in North Capitol Hill, crews continued to search and sift through the debris.

One person was found dead on the construction site at East 18th Avenue and Emerson Street on Wednesday. Another person was found on Thursday. Both are believed to be construction workers.

“Nothing’s been confirmed as of yet, but I strongly suspect it was my boss, it was probably him," Loyal Merrick said.

Merrick is an electrician who used to work at the Emerson Street construction site. He left because of safety concerns.

“I reached out to my former boss and I sent him a text, and I haven’t gotten any response back,” Merrick said.

The Denver Fire Department said an official cause will take some time to figure out.

“We’ve got just layers upon layers of debris," Capt. Greg Pixley said. “Until we complete the investigation, we just don’t know.”

Thirteen buildings were affected as a result of the fire. There are a number of people who still can't go home.

The Denver Police Department is providing controlled access to the affected buildings until 6 p.m. Thursday and again from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. Friday so people there can retrieve their belongings.

There are still six injured people, but the firefighter who was sent to the hospital for burns on his hands and face was released.