Investigation of 3-alarm fire that left one dead, one missing, 6 injured could take weeks

DENVER -- The investigation continues into a three-alarm fire in Denver's North Capitol Hill neighborhood that killed at least one person, injured six others and left one person unaccounted for.

Fire and utility crews remained at the scene of the fire at 1833 Emerson St. all night trying to restore power and making sure the fire does not restart.

The fire broke out just after noon Wednesday as most people were trying to get lunch or going about their normal routines.

Suddenly, they had to run as flames engulfed an apartment building that was under construction.

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Some workers at the site jumped to safety and suffered broken bones and other injuries.

A thick, black plume of smoke could be seen for miles across the Denver metro area. It took about 100 firefighters nearly 90 minutes to reduce the volume of the flames.

Six buildings suffered damage, with one being a total loss. Many construction vehicles have been damaged as well as three fire engines and more than 30 vehicles that were parked near the fire.

Most everyone in the neighborhood remain stunned by the immensity of the fire.

"I saw a bunch of smoke come up, saw a bunch of flames come up and then it just exploded," one person said. "Within the next three minutes, it was 7-foot high with debris flying up."

"Once the police told everyone to get away, we all had to leave our building, leave our cars," another person said. "I just grabbed what I could and hopefully that's enough."

The Denver Police Department had East 18th and 19th avenues between Clarskson and Ogden streets closed over night for the investigation.

The cause of the fire might not be known for several weeks. Anyone with information is asked to call 720-337-2800.