The BonBunz provide easy hairdo solutions for the active life style. Bonbunz is a line of fun and colorful hair wraps. You just wrap your hair and pull the patented bungee cord lock for a customized feel. These wraps boast soft cushioned materials and fun designs that are super easy to use and comfortable for the busy life. They are great for outdoor sports, swimming, running, soccer, or relaxing in the sun and everyday activities. Just wrap and pull!

Giggly Goggles

The Giggly Goggles, swim goggles, are the most comfortable and stylish goggles! They are super easy to put on with no need for any adjustments – the special bungee band on the side stretches for an easy fit for all sizes. Aside from not pulling one’s hair or hurting the bridge of the nose, these cool looking Neoprene masks and straps are sure to put a smile on every face and allow you to go undercover, underwater!