Judge denies defense’s DNA request in deaths of Shanann Watts, daughters
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Knowing the power of heat could save lives in a fire

DENVER -- It can take minutes for a spark or chemical reaction to turn an entire building into a raging fire.

Knowing the power of heat could help keep families safe in a fire.

Safety experts say it's important to know how to deal with the severe heat in a fire.

Flawless Steel Welding demonstrated how quickly heat can become extremely destructive.

Owner Victor Garcia said his team practices safety first keeping in mind.

“Heat can burn a shirt anywhere from 100 degrees to 150 degrees," he said.

The welders cut through a section of steel then tested the area, which registered at approximately 600 degrees.

It was hot enough to ignite cardboard and paper without the presence of a flame.

Garcia said heat can also travel because of weather conditions, making adjacent areas vulnerable to damage.

Heat from nearby large fires has been known to melt cars, tires, street signs and even crack glass.

Safety experts say to stay safe, avoid  fire scenes, even after the flames have been put out.

It is also important to keep anything flammable away from household appliances and never leave them unattended.

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