DPS investigating leadership complaint against former Manual High School principal

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DENVER — Denver Public Schools has asked an independent firm to investigate a leadership complaint against former Manual High School principal Nick Dawkins.

The district said in a letter to families on Tuesday that administrators began a conversation about the complaint. Dawkins resigned last week before being placed on leave.

The letter appeared on the school’s website. It answered some questions administrators have heard families ask about what happened.

Those included:

  • Is DPS investigating Principal Dawkins? “As Principal Dawkins has shared in his interviews with media, DPS has received a complaint about his leadership. We have also heard your concerns about the district conducting this investigation. So, we have asked an independent firm, Employers Council (formerly Mountain States Employers Council), to complete this investigation.”
  • Why did the district put Principal Dawkins on leave? “The district’s HR team began a conversation with Principal Dawkins about the complaint made against him, but he resigned before he was placed on leave.”

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Dawkins said Tuesday he would be open to coming back, saying students are what’s prompting him to think twice.

“Love for students is what’s drawing me, and I heard their voices loud and clear yesterday,” he said.

A rally by students was held in support of Dawkins on Sunday.

He had said several factors led to his resignation last week, including a year of trauma for the school.

Dawkins said he told Denver Public Schools he would consider coming back and he said he would want to be a part of a conversation about trauma support for schools and school leaders.

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