Discovery of USS Lexington raises memories for Denver Navy WWII veteran

DENVER -- After 76 years of being lost to history, the USS Lexington was discovered off the coast of Australia by an expedition team led by Microsoft co- founder Paul Allen.

Originally designed as a battle cruiser, the “Lady Lex” was converted into one of the Navy’s first aircraft carriers in 1925.

The Lexington was so severely damaged after the battle of the Coral Sea that it was scuttled by the United States Navy.

No souls went down with the Lexington, but nevertheless, the images of that aircraft carrier in her final resting place brought memories flooding back to U.S. Navy World War II veteran Herman Moll of Denver who served on the USS Birmingham as a water tender second class.

“The fellows that died on the USS Birmingham, I remember their names and faces and things like that, you know," he said.

As images of the Lexington make their way into headlines once again, the memories of the men, like Moll, who brought life to the great ships, are rekindled.

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