Avoid contractor woes by getting trusted advice

DENVER -- Consumer experts say even the best plans can go awry when it comes to home renovation and repair projects.

It is important to be prepared before selecting a contractor.

Elaine reached out when she ended up in court over a dispute with the company she chose to repair her hail damaged roof.

The company is not being named because of the ongoing court case.

She said the company agreed to do the repairs for $10,000, but the bill increased. She paid for a portion of the job, the roof repairs were not completed and flooding damaged her home.

"When the roof leaked all of this water came down, I just bought the stove and it was just full of water my floor was just flooded.”

Elaine said the contractor ended up placing a lien on her home, a payment agreement was reached, but she has complaints about the quality of the work.

The roofing company said it can't comment because the case is still tied up in court.

The company is in good standing with the state regulatory agency and has an A-plus rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Consumer protection experts say hashing out disagreements with contractors costs time and money, so always have a legal expert look at a contract before signing.

Include a time frame for completing the work and have a construction expert inspect the finished product before you sign any agreement saying the work is complete.

The Better Business Bureau has ways to select a contractor.