Some cheap online clothing not worth the trouble

DENVER -- They seem too good to be true -- advertisements on social media showing beautiful clothing for a super cheap price.

But there are warnings to heed before rushing to buy cheap online clothing.

Audry Gonder said she ordered a dress from a company based in China that appeared to be of high quality online but what arrived was far from it.

"The quality was atrocious," she said. "I ordered a large (size) thinking it would be a little big on me and I couldn't even zip it up.”

Gonder said the material was flimsy, the zipper was poorly installed and the stitching was uneven.

The FOX31 Problem Solvers ordered a $32 coat from an ad that popped up on social media and found it to be lightweight, cheaply sewn and much smaller than expected for the selected size.

Getting a refund from many overseas companies can be a challenge.

Gonder said she would have to pay $80 to $100 to return the cheap dress and was told by the company, “You know, it's probably not worth it for a $27 dress, why don't you just keep it.”

Consumer protection experts warn that ordering from online sites that only show a portion of a model’s face might be using original images of a product, but sending the buyer cheap knockoffs.

It is also important to avoid products that lack any reviews and get recommendations from friends before adding anything to shopping carts.