CSP joins in on hilarious Twitter beef between Nebraska and Kansas

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DENVER — The Colorado State Patrol had some fun on Twitter this weekend as it took down neighbors to the east.

It started when the Nebraska State Patrol was recruiting new troopers at a job fair at Northwest Kansas Technical College in Goodland, Kansas, on Friday morning.

When the Kansas Highway Patrol noticed this clear invasion, he responded with a “Savage Tweet” of his own.

“Don’t listen to them,” trooper Ben wrote. “Come talk with the @kshighwaypatrol and what we provide. #SavageTweet” along with the kissy face emoji.

NSP and trooper Ben exchanged a few more fun jabs before CSP came out of nowhere to join in on the turf war fun.

“We can tell you what they provide right now,” CSP wrote on Twitter. “Flat views of corn fields 100 miles in each direction, and several highways that exit into Colorado (where you really want to be).”

CSP added to the fun by telling trooper Ben, “Nothing but love! We’re all on the same team! Some of us are just on the varsity squad. And others are on the … farm teams.”

“Proud to be on the ‘Farm team’ where we work hard, treat others with respect, listen more than we speak and earn what we get in life,” trooper Ben responded.

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