Live bald eagle cam: strong winds rock nest high above Washington D.C.

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WASHINGTON — Liberty and Justice are weathering the storm in Washington D.C. as unrest continues to rock the city.

In this case, Liberty and Justice are a pair of bald eagles who live in a nest high above the city and their home is sustaining strong winds between 55 to 70 miles per hour.

A High Wind Warning has been issued for the city and a live camera trained on the eagles shows how gusty it is in Liberty and Justice’s nest.

The live camera is courtesy of Earth Conservation Corps and was set up with the intention of preserving the few remaining bald eagles in the city. According to the organization, the last nest inhabited by the birds was abandoned in 1946 due to pollution.

Liberty and Justice have raised their young for eleven years in a nest 110 feet up an oak tree at the Metropolitan Police Academy in SE, Washington, DC.

Liberty, the female, incubates the eggs and raises her babies. Justice, the male, brings food back to the family.

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