Calves in famous Genesee bison herd sold at auction

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JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. -- If you are new to Colorado or have been here many years, you have probably seen them off Interstate 70 near Genesee: A herd of bison just happily grazing away.

On Friday, you could’ve taken one home if you were a high bidder at the annual bison auction.

The bison are direct descendants from a wild bison herd in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming.

The city and county of Denver wanted to preserve a piece of the American West and in 1914 transported a small heard from Wyoming to Genesee.

The herd in Genesee has thrived so much that every year Denver has to auction off some of the calves.

Ranchers from around Colorado and beyond bid on to buy the bison calves, 32 in all.

The auction took about an hour. Then it was time for the young bison to be loaded up on the various trailers, heading to their new homes.

This year‘s auction raised more than $65,000, the most money raised in the auction's 33-year history.

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