Deputy Micah Flick’s widow talks about navigating life after his death

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- The widow of fallen El Paso County sheriff's deputy Micah Flick talked Thursday for the first time sinc ehis death.

Rachael Flick said she forgives the man who took her husband's life. She also said the family is navigating through a new normal all thanks to God.

"We are still moving through life hour by hour," Flick said. “Eliana, Levi and I are forever changed.

“We cry as a family together often, but we don’t grieve like people without hope because we know that Micah lives, Micah is in heaven, which is a very real place, and we are going to see him again.”

Flick was killed in the line of duty on Feb. 5 while investigating a car theft in Colorado Springs when he was shot.

“Not only was Micah a wonderful father, but he was an intentional and loving husband,” Flick said.

The family finds comfort in knowing their loved one's death was not in vain.

“God is moving through his death,” said Chris Brown, Micah Flick's brother-in-law. “Micah is watching from heaven and he’s so proud to see the changes that are coming about because of his death.”

The family wants the community to know that through all their pain, all the well wishes and donations mean so much.

“There’s a guy in the Department of Corrections in one of the prisons here in the state who sent $125. He’s incarcerated. Two inmates have sent money to the Flick family. That’s just a testament to who Micah is,” Brown said.

The outpouring of support has showed the family that all hope is not lost.

“We are a nation divided in so many ideas and places but I’ve seen Micah’s death bring unity,” Rachel Flick said.

Brown and Flick say Micah Flick wanted change so badly.

She asks people to educate their kids on how to interact with law enforcement, take a reality training course and ride along with an officer.

She challenges people to try to understand what law enforcement officers do.

The family also said thank you to the community. They read every card and letter they receive.

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