Parker residents don’t want indoor gun range in neighborhood

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PARKER, Colo. -- Parker residents said Monday they do not want to see a gun range move into the lot across the street from their subdivision and plan to fight the proposal.

Bryan Pierce said he and his wife found out about the proposed site on Friday when they received a letter detailing plans for the vacant lot behind their home.

He said when they moved in, they knew the plot was zoned to be a site for businesses and office spaces, but he never imagined a gun range would be one of the occupants.

“If I wanted to choose to live near a gun range, I would have done that. But I didn’t choose that,” Pierce said.

Pierce said he enjoys going to gun ranges. However, he said he’s worried about noise and that the site could be a magnet for criminals who might want to burglarize the range because of its stock of weapons.

“To me, bringing that right across the street from my kids, that doesn’t make any sense,” Pierce said.

The proposed site is also close to a stadium used by the Douglas County School District. The district said it is OK with the proposal, so long as certain criteria are met.

Other neighbors are leery of putting an indoor gun range close to students.

“People traveling back from forth from the gun range to their car with probably loaded guns or guns and ammo,” Pierce said.

“My intent is to build the safest and securest facility,” gun range owner Rion Buswell said in a statement. “We designed this building from scratch with the requisite security measures in place both in the construction of the building and technologically.”

As far as noise, Buswell said that has also been taking into consideration and the building will be outfitted to keep the neighborhood quiet.

“The results of our chosen construction methods provide the continued quiet atmosphere the residents of these neighborhoods,” Buswell said.

A meeting is scheduled with the developer for 6:30 p.m. Wednesday at Lutheran High School and neighbors said they plan to attend to give their feedback on the proposal.

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