Meet the Sloths at the Denver Aquarium

Hang out with the Denver Aquarium as they celebrate all things SLOTH!

There are two ways you will be able to see our sloth Aspen on February 24th & 25th. The first 100 people in line by 8:30 A.M. will receive a ticket to do an hour long meet and greet with him. They will be able to take photos with him and learn all about sloths. The meet and greet is from 11A.M.-12P.M. At 12P.M.   They will allow guests to walk through the ballroom and get a quick peek at him. Guests will only be able to take photos of him during this time. They will have a conservation station and Aspen’s rainforest friends will be out and about throughout the day. All sloth weekend activities are included with the price of admission which is $20.50 for adults, $14.50 for kids 3-11.