Columbine shooting victim’s father talks about meeting with Pres. Trump

LONE TREE, Colo. -- A Colorado father is now back from Washington after being invited to President Trump's meeting on Wednesday.

The President hosted dozens of families and activists to talk about violence in schools. The father of Columbine victim Rachel Scott, says when you get an invitation to the White House you take it.

Darrell Scott shared his own personal story about his daughter and how the family dealt with pain and grief after the Columbine tragedy. Scott also let the President know about what he thinks could be the solution to the ongoing violence in our schools.

“19 years ago, I went through what some of the folks here are going through now, because my beautiful daughter Rachel was killed,” Darrell Scott told a room full of people at the White House on Wednesday.

Ever since the Columbine tragedy almost two decades ago, Scott has devoted his life to Rachel's Challenge. It's a nonprofit with a mission to help create a positive school environment.

“We must create a culture of connectedness, we must create a culture where our classmates become our friends,” Scott said.

For years Scott has shared his message with the world and this week he shared it with the President. Scott says it's a message he thinks was well received.

“This particular shooting, I don’t know, I hear a different chord, I have a different feeling about this particular shooting.”

Scott says he knows the one meeting won't change anything overnight. "I don’t think that any decisions could be made in a meeting like that because there’s too many opinions.”

When FOX31 caught up with Scott at his Colorado home, he says looking back on it, the meeting in DC was a step in the right direction.

“I think it’s going to bring some changes,” Scott said.

Scott's message isn't about gun control, but the school safety advocate says he for anything that will stop school shootings from happening.

Scott also says his one piece of advice for grieving families is to celebrate your loved ones. He says remember the good times, because your child wouldn't want your life to be ruined.​