Vendor with ‘Get a Roof, Get a Gun’ promotion kicked out of Garden and Home Show

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DENVER -- The nationwide debate on gun control has found its way into the Colorado Garden and Home Show at the Colorado Convention Center.

A vendor was told to remove his display because of an image of an AR-15 rifle that’s being used for a promotion.

The promotion is called "Get a Roof, Get a Gun." It’s been a promotional slogan for James Webb’s business for two years.

Now that promotion might have backfired at the Colorado Garden and Home Show.

Webb has been in the roofing business for 14 years. Two years ago, he started the promotional campaign.

Webb's customers are given a $700 gift card to Cabela’s where they could use it to buy a new Smith and Wesson AR-15 rifle.

Webb thought what better place to drum up more business than at the popular show this weekend.

He bought a 20-by-20-foot space for $8,500. That’s where he parked his promotional Humvee, painted with an American flag and an image of an AR-15 rifle.

Garden and Home Show executive director Jim Fricke told Webb the image of the rifle was inappropriate for the show's customers and told him to cover it up or remove the vehicle.

The conversation between the two men soon entered the arena of gun control.

Webb was ultimately told the Humvee had to go, and he agreed.

He was given a full refund on his space and an additional $1,000 for incidental items.

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