Beware of email scams offering money

DENVER -- It’s a new twist on a familiar scheme: Scam artists using emails they’ve obtained to aggressively target Colorado residents, hoping to get valuable personal information.

A Frederick man said he received several emails indicating the sender is wealthy, from west Africa and wants to send him money.

All he has to do is show personal identification to pick it up.

He calls the request, “baloney.”

In the email, a woman describes a hard luck story and says she wants to relocate and settle down in his home.

The Better Business Bureau receives constant complaints about these highly organized scams and warns that many target the elderly.

Consumer protection experts say dangerous email scams can be identified by being aware of the red flags.

  • They almost always include desperate pleas for help
  • Offers to send money to "you"
  • Requests for banking information

The BBB advises any email from an unfamiliar source be deleted with and report any suspicious emails to authorities.