10-year-old released from hospital after fighting the flu

AURORA, Colo. -- "A walking miracle," that's what an Aurora family calls their 10-year-old daughter.

Keyona Richardson was on life support after complications with the flu and pneumonia. Now, she's home, happy and healthy.

On Feb. 1, Richardson was diagnosed with the flu and pneumonia. Hours later, her lungs collapsed and doctors put the 10-year-old on life support.

“When they tell you get your flu shot, they’re not playing, they’re not joking,” Keyona's dad, Corey Richardson, said.

Even with the flu shot, the virus had the 10-year-old fighting for her life.

“They all said had she not had the flu shot, and would’ve got that in conjunction with all the other stuff, ain't no telling," Richardson said.

Eighteen days after being hospitalized, Keyona Richardson is home. She doesn't remember most of her time in the hospital, but what she does know is how happy she is to be home.

The family still has to check her oxygen levels every couple of hours to make sure she's breathing OK. Other than that, she's not on any machines or medicine.