Denver dispensary names strain ‘Jeff Sesh-ons’ in nod to Attorney General

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Dry and trimmed cannabis marijuana

DENVER — A strain of marijuana sold at a Denver dispensary has taken on the moniker of a strong opponent of the drug.

Bradler Roddy, owner of the local Medicine Man pot shop, has named his latest hybrid weed creation “Jeff Sesh-ons,” after the current US Attorney General and anti-drug warrior, Jeff Sessions.

A hybrid of the strains Jet Fuel and Bio Diesel, Jeff Sesh-Ons reportedly has more characteristics of sativa than indica but, most notably, pokes a bit of fun at the AG’s war on marijuana.

(Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Colorado Republican Senator Cory Gardner initially sparred with Sessions after the Attorney General announced a crackdown on weed, including Colorado, where the drug is legal at the state level.

Gardner said that Sessions had “lied” to him about allowing states to function individually without federal overreach regarding sales of marijuana.

By Thursday, Gardner said there has been enough progress on negotiations over marijuana with the Trump administration that he will stop blocking some nominees for jobs in the Justice Department, as he had initially.

Director of Retail Operations at Medicine Man, Bradley Roddy, said the staff had a note of trepidation about the creative name. As Roddy told Westword, they had some concern about “poking the bear,” but later “felt pretty safe to put it out there.”

According to Westword, Denver is the only place carrying “Jeff Sesh-ons” but only for a limited time, “once it’s gone, it’s gone.”

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