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‘Wish Week’ for a Legend

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PARKER — ‘Wish Week’ is underway at Legend High School. On Thursday, a student overcoming medical complications received the surprise of her life!

Rebecca Tuska was 12 when she started having hip pain. Her parents brought her to a doctor, who diagnosed it as a sports injury. Tuska had hip surgery on both her legs, but dealt with similar pain a couple years later.

Tuska’s parents brought her back to a doctor, who said it was the same sports injury, so she had surgery again to try and fix her hips.

“It ended up with me having a broken surgical tool inside my leg that was stuck in there for an entire year,” she said.

It caused Tuska’s body to turn on itself, nearly taking her life.

So this week, in a show of support, students and staff at Legend High School, along with Make-A-Wish, raised more than $52,000 to send Tuska and her family to China.

“My wish is to go to China to hold a Panda Bear,” she said with a smile.

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