Employee sheds light on situation at assisted living centers shut down by state

LAKEWOOD, Colo. -- An employee is revealing some alarming details about how some assisted living centers fall short of providing expected standards of care.

The employee, who wants to remain nameless, talked about conditions at two Nurturing Care Home Assisted Living centers closed down this week by the state health department.

“I’ve seen what goes on behind the doors once they close, once the families go home it`s a completely different environment,” she said.

While the employee makes it clear there are employees who are dedicated to the care  of patients, there are management issues that make it difficult to maintain health standards.

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment officials said approximately 19 patients have been displaced in two facilities that failed to meet medical and safety standards during the license application process.

The employee said she wants families to know the signs of nursing home neglect so they never end up placing their loved ones in the wrong hands.

She talked about some of the signs to look for.

“How are they declining in say hygiene or their appearance or their attitude? Are they depressed? You'll always see it in your loved one," she said.

There are online resources for guidelines on how to choose a reputable elderly care facility and information on nursing home neglect.