Prepare your family for an active threat: Training resources in Colorado

DENVER — A coalition of emergency responders across Colorado are reaching out to families to make sure they are prepared for active threats.

Colorado has several safety training programs available. Many of them are free.

Loa Esquilin of the Denver Office of Emergency Management said training conducted for emergency responders can also help residents prepare for, respond to and recover from active threats.

“We’re focusing on teaching teenagers on how they can take charge and respond to an emergency,” Esquilin said.

The office is part of a coalition that includes the American Red Cross Save A Life program  and the University of Denver’s Active Shooter Training program,  all teaching the equation for increasing chances of survival: Run, hide or fight as a last resort.

Employees and students should always take note of available building exits.

Security experts say if you need to hide, find a place that can block your view from all areas and silence your cellphone.

Fighting an attacker is not recommended unless absolutely necessary, as it is the most dangerous option.

“A family should also have a good communication plan, so everyone knows where to meet or who to call in the case of an emergency,” Esquilin said.

Training classes are for families, individuals, students, businesses and churches.