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Man arrested for 2015 death of wife

Robert Feldman

DENVER — A father and husband has been arrested for the death of his wife in 2015, the Denver Police Department said.

Police arrested Robert Feldman on Tuesday on the mysterious death of his wife Stacy Feldman.

Nearly three years ago, Stacy Feldman was found submerged in the bathtub of their Denver home.

The autopsy report did not conclude how Feldman died on March 1, 2015.

“Given the information available to us at this time, it is our opinion that the cause and manner of death of this 44-year-old female, Stacey Feldman cannot be determined,” the report read.

The report did indicate blunt force injuries and Stacy Feldman’s blood revealed a slightly high level of therapeutic medications.

According to the report, Robert Feldman told investigators that his wife had ingested some edible marijuana the night before and the morning of her death.

The coroner did state in the report that “should further information become available after the signing of this report, the cause and/or manner of death may be amended.”

Robert and Stacy Feldman have two young children. According to court filings, it appears one of Stacy Feldman’s family member has filed for custody.

Robert Feldman has a court hearing Wednesday afternoon in a Denver court room.