Appliance repair becomes invasion of privacy, homeowner says

EVANS, Colo. -- A local man said his home appliance repair turned into an invasion of privacy.

The company in question is Weld County Appliance in Greeley. In surveillance video, a repair man who is inside the home to fix the dishwasher ended up in the homeowner's bedroom.

“My emotions were rage to uncomfort to vulnerability,” Brandon Andrade said.

In the video, the man Andrade trusted to fix his dishwasher opens his refrigerator, rifles through his mail and checks out his family photos.

“It’s terrifying because on that picture, it’s my son’s birth announcement,” Andrade said.

While Andrade was at work on Feb. 7, he arranged for his apartment complex on Glendale Drive in Evans to give the repair man a key.

But now Andrade is worried that man might have been casing his place.

“The part that caught me off-guard is he checks the lock. That’s what really led me to believe that maybe he could be coming back,” Andrade said.

Then, the repair man walks into the master bedroom.

“The alarming part at this point, that’s where my girlfriend keeps her clothes -- any clothes that she has on the bed currently, dirty clothes or undergarments,” Andrade said.

Andrade called the Evans Police Department and the company, and talked to the man in the video.

“At first he said, nope, wasn’t me. I might have used the restroom but that’s it. Then when I said I had the video evidence he says, 'Yeah, OK, I did do it. Sometimes I get bored while the machine runs,'” Andrade said.

The man did not return calls for comment

Although Andrade doesn’t believe anything was taken from his home, he said he’s been robbed of his sense of security.

“I think it’s absolutely atrocious. That behavior is unacceptable for anyone in that line of business,” Andrade said.

“This is something you should be weary of. Just be aware of the behavior that happens and take precautions.”

Andrade said the man in the video is the vice president of Weld County Appliance.

He said he immediately changed his locks and put in a 30-day notice to move out of the apartment complex.