Tech Junkie Review: ConBroV T33 Tiny Security Camera

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The home security camera options are endless these days!  Nest, Logitech and a ga-zillion other companies sell wi-fi cameras.  Many of them are awesome but they often need to be plugged into power and require wi-fi for a cloud connection.  A tiny new camera from ConBroV offers something entirely different.


The ConBroV T33 is TINY!  It's a cube about 1" square.  On the top you'll find 2 buttons, a camera on the front face and a micro-USB and micro-SD slot on the back.  That's it.  It's about as simple as a home security camera can get.

The built-in battery charges via any standard micro-USB charging cable and ConBroV claims the battery will last up to 1 year on standby.

No Screen, No Wi-Fi

Screenless and wi-fi-less, this camera is designed to be uber simple!  The 2 buttons on the top are all you need to control the camera.  You can either record video manually or set it to record when it detects motion.  That's it!  Video will be recorded to the micro-SD card (not included).  It will loop video when the card is full, erasing old video and saving the new video.

The camera shoots video during the day and at night with the built-in IR lights.  You can record video up to 1080p.  In my testing video was somewhat grainy at low-light.  You can see for yourself in these demo videos.

The company claims it can last up to 1 year on standby mode, I obviously wasn't able to test this.  Expect about 6 hours of record time in daylight, 3 hours in night vision mode.


For the price, this is a great option!  It's no Nest camera but it's also not trying to be.  It's a standalone wire-free option to capture motion on your porch, in your garage or right behind the cookie jar.  The good-enough video quality is a great option if you need a quick motion capture camera in your home.

The best price on the ConBroV T33 is on Amazon - it sells for $55.

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